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Management, staff and

The Senior Management Team have many years combined experience working within the private and public sector and enforce a professional attitude to the running of the company which is reflected through to and respected by the staff and engineers. All staff, management and operatives, are encouraged with regard to their personal development and training and are regularly sent on various courses including first aid, asbestos awareness, working at height and project management.

Our reactive maintenance call centre team, technical and IT staff effectively maintain a friendly, quick-response service with works being carried out by our own trained, directly employed engineers in fully equipped liveried vehicles.

Further operational management is undertaken by our technical officers who carry out random site audits of completed work to maintain quality control, carry out site surveys and submit written reports and costs to clients relating to follow on work, if required, and also attend audit and performance meetings with our client’s representatives.

The contract management division has a wealth of experience working in the private, public and professional sectors on various building types, carrying out all pre and post contract matters, health and safety issues and will deliver a completed project on time, in budget to exceptionally high standards.

Also, the division is fully conversant with traditional tendering, design building contracts and management contracting.

reactive maintenance
  • One Point of Contact
    Dedicated staff & surveyors to each individual area
  • One Central Office
    Ensures uniformity across brands and the ability to react across areas depending on demand
  • Navigation Tracker
    Fitted to all vans to allow on screen tracking in office to optimise response times and minimise unnecessary journeys.

latest projects
  • Good working relationships
  • Administrative Strength
    Over 5 years of detailed history and photographic records of every property maintained
  • One Call
    One rate for the future
  • Will go the extra mile

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